“Expecting a Miracle: Our Advent-ure”

Expecting a Miracle Our Advent-ure.png

This Advent/Christmas we will be immersing ourselves in the miracles of the Season. Each week we will discover who witnessed a miracle, how it impacted their life, how it can speak to us today, and how we can look out for miracles in the world around us.

Come and worship with us and discover the greatest miracle of them all, Christ Jesus, a babe born for You!

Dec. 9 Advent 2–A Season of Wonder Mal.3:1-4; Luke 1:68-79 PEACE
Dec. 16 Advent 3–Miracles in the Making Ps.43:3; Luke 1:57-80 JOY
Dec. 23 Advent 4–We Worship a God of Miracles Micah 5:2-5a; Lk.1:39-55 LOVE
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve–The Miracle of the Manger Is.9:2-7; Lk 2:1-20 CHRIST
Dec. 30 Christmas 1–Taking Hold of God’s Miracle Col.3:12-17; Lk.2:41-52 GIFT