Christ is No Partial Savior, poem


“God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God.” - Ephiesians 2:8

Mine is the righteousness of Jesus
His obedience to the law so complete
He kept each command, and fulfilled its demands
With merit His life was replete

I trust in His active obedience
It is a garment I gratefully wear
For its perfectly suited, and has been imputed
So that in His perfection I share

I trust in His passive obedience
The eternal wrath that He faced
He went to the cross, to rescue the lost
And stood in the sinners law place

Jesus Christ is all my salvation
I rest in Him by faith alone
I shall not blaspheme, or sinfully dream
That He needs me to help him atone

To make Him a partial Savior
Would be to make Him no Savior at all
For one addition, would reveal my condition
To be one which is under the law

The Gospel is not "do and live"
Or be holy and be justified
But trust in the Son, and what He has done,
And resting there be satisfied

Out of this understanding
Comes a spirit of love that is sweet,
Works have a place, as a result of God’s grace,
But do not our salvation complete.
- Kevin Smead, 2018

Lord, I know that I cannot save myself from my sins; my only hope is in You! Give me the strength to let go of my way, my power, my will...and to trust in You! Save me Lord God! Amen.
Feb 16 2019