Christmas Mystery


"The mystery that was kept secret for long ages has now been disclosed...." - Romans 16:25b-26a

Over our lifetime Christmas is a series of ever-changing mysteries. Our childhood mystery "What's inside the wrapping paper?" becomes "Where did they hide the presents?" becomes "Is this Christmas the right time to give her an engagement ring?" becomes "How will we be able to afford presents for the kids?" becomes "What can I buy someone who already has everything?"

Is there any Christmas mystery left in you? Is there anything about the season that makes you smile in wonder? Does anything still thrill you and send a shiver down your spine?

There is a mystery--a mystery greater and more wonderful than all the others combined. And that mystery isn't wrapped in colorful paper, it's wrapped in swaddling clothes. It isn't laid under the tree; it's laid in a manger. It's the Babe born in Bethlehem.

What's so mysterious about Jesus? It's the fact that He is the almighty Son of God, stooping down to become one of His creatures: a mere human. Why would He want to expose Himself to all the hurt and suffering in our crazy world? Why would God be willing to become our substitute and earn our way to heaven by His perfect life, and to suffer and die in our place on the cross?

That is the greatest mystery, a mystery God has revealed to the world. It sends a shiver down your spine to ponder what kind of love moved him to do all of this, for YOU!

Son of God, Your willingness to be born of a virgin, to share our life and to be our Substitute is an incredible mystery to me. Fill me with wonder, joy, and gratitude for Your amazing grace and love. Amen.
Dec 21 2017