Dry Bones


"This is what the Lord has said to these bones: See, I will make breath come into you so that you may come to life." - Ezekiel 37:5

One of the first stories you probably heard from the book of Ezekiel was about the valley of dry bones. According to Ezekiel, God took him to a valley where he was to prophesy to dry bones, and then God would put muscle and skin on them. God told Ezekiel that he would also breathe into the bones and bring life to them. From this, these bones, which represented the nation of Israel, would know that the Lord was God.

So what do these dry bones represent in our lives today? Some believe these bones represent our dreams and hopes that have somehow become put off. Some believe that these dry bones represent the life of man without God. Whatever these bones represent, they experienced total restoration through God.

One of the interesting things in this text is how God used Ezekiel to be a part of the solution. Although God could have addressed these bones without Ezekiel, he chose him to be a part of His greater plan.

The first thing God does is show Ezekiel the problem. Without acknowledging that there is a problem, the solution will not be sought after. He then asks Ezekiel if he thinks these bones can live. Although Ezekiel doesn’t know the answer, he does not give God a negative response. He tells God that only he knows. However, the question that God ask Ezekiel starts him thinking about a solution.

God then instructs Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones. Ezekiel must speak to the bones and tell them how God is going to restore them. But that’s not all. Once the muscle and skin was on the bones, the bones were still not alive. Ezekiel had to prophesy that the Spirit would breathe into the bones. It was only then that life came into the bones and they became a mighty army.

Do you have a few dry bones around that need restoration? Are you looking for a prophetic word from the Lord that would speak life into your dry situation? You already have it, the Word of God. You don’t have to wait for a prophet to stand you up and speak a word of hope to your situation. You can prophesy to your dry bones. Speak life into your situation, whether it is health, finances, relationships, or your walk with the Lord. You have the authority and ability to do it. You have the Holy Ghost living within you.

Lord, I know that I have your Holy Ghost living inside of me. Please speak to my dry bones, Your Word, that I might help bring about miraculous changes. I rejoice in the promise that You will breathe, into my dry bones, new life. Amen.
Oct 10 2018