Goodness and Mercy

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"Surely, goodness, and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever." - Psalm 23:6

Without a question. Without a concern or worry. Knowing who I am and whose I AM is vitally important. God keeps His word. God keeps His promises. God keeps His covenant. God cannot and will not fail, falter, or forget.

The goodness of God–-the goodness in His nature, the goodness in His character, the goodness in His being. Everything about Him is good–-every thought, every action, every attitude, every decision, every work, every word. Good in His will. Good in His gifts. Good to me. Good every moment. Good all the time. Extending goodness–not as little as He can give, but as much as He can give. Being the best, giving the best, wanting the best. Delighting to shower me with His graciousness–time after time, over and over, now and forevermore.

Sweet mercy! Welcomed friend! Wonderful companion! New every morning. Fresh from His heart. Lifting condemnation. Releasing my past. Breaking my chains. Freeing my spirit. Renewing my hope. Securing my future. Mercy upon mercy. Mine in abundance. Kindly extended. Beautifully given. Graciously bestowed.

Shall follow me: Not "There’s a good possibility." Not "a 50/50 chance." Will follow! Never to retreat, abandon, or flee. Absolute certainty. Promised by the God who cannot lie. His benefits and blessings–-Mine to receive. Mine to enjoy. Mine to celebrate. Keeping me from being defeated. Guarding me from being pulled back into my past. Protecting me from being overtaken by things I cannot control. His divine escorts on my pilgrim journey.

God cares for me all the days of my life. Not once-in-awhile. Not hit-and-miss. Not off-and-on. Not just on good days. Not just on church days. All my days–Cloudy days. Stormy days. Busy days. Quiet days. Days filled with joy. Days filled with sorrow. Days when I feel up. Days when I feel down. Every day. Every moment. Every step. Every breath. Every heartbeat.

So that I may dwell in His house forever. His home is not temporary, not momentary, not transitory. The Father’s house. My reserved place. My prepared place. Home! Never to be kicked out, evicted, or left homeless. The place my faith has thought upon. The place my hope is set upon. The place where I belong. The place I was made for. Jesus’ place. The place where I am welcomed. The place where I am received. Mine by inheritance. Mine by grace. Mine forever and ever. In the company of the redeemed. In the presence of the Lord. Seeing Him face to face. Knowing even as I am known. Completely fulfilling all my heart has ever longed for.


There’s a fog upon the landscape
That has dimmed the sun’s bright ray,
I don’t know what lies before me
Oh, my Shepherd, show the way.

There’s a voice that’s all condemning
Which bids me not to pray,
I will press on through the battle
Oh, my Shepherd, make the way.

There’s a roadblock on my pathway
And I fear that I will stray,
I must walk where You are leading
Oh, my Shepherd, clear the way.

There’s a pace that’s ever hectic
That pursues me through the day,
How I long for quiet waters,
Oh, my Shepherd, lead the way.

There’s a call to bring You glory
But I’m just a jar of clay,
Lord, you know my every weakness
Oh, my Shepherd, be the way.
- Roy Lessin

You, Lord, are my shepherd. You have called me by name. And you have searched, until you have found me. Enfold us in your love. Amen.
May 28 2019