Heal Me Today!

Healing Love.jpg

"Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close." - Psalm 27:10

We live in a fallen world and many of us suffer from early childhood trauma that has left us emotionally immature. It seems that we are constantly using negative ways to regulate our emotions. But we don't have to be victims of our past. In His wisdom and grace, God has provided us with the ability to overcome childhood attachment issues through new adult relationships with Him. God designed us with the ability to bond with Him; whether it is in the moment of abandonment or decades later, when memories rise to the surface, He is able to hold us close and heal our broken hearts.

Today, we don't need to suffer from a painful past. We have the presence of the Holy Spirit, the forgiveness of Christ and the love of God. As we spend time with God and develop a deep relationship, we will find ourself creating a new and liberating bond with God. This healing relationship with the Father will renew our mind and heal the painful memories and consequent beliefs that lead us to despair.

Today, come to God. Let Him hold you. Allow His love to do a deep work in you.

Father, thank You for Your loving commitment to me. Thank You that You have not abandoned me but instead You love me and hold me close to Your heart. Do a deep work in me. Heal me deep in my inner self and give me the joy and peace that only You can give. Amen.
Nov 4 2018