Holy Ground

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"God called to him from within the bush, 'Moses! Moses!' And Moses said, 'Here I am.'
'Do not come any closer,' God said. 'Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.'" - Exodus 3:4b-5

I remember teaching a class of after-school-children, a number of years ago. We were learning about heroes and heroines of the Bible. This particular week we were learning about Moses and the burning bush.

The kids were so excited about the story...especially the part where Moses took off his shoes, because God informed him that he was standing on holy ground. "Then he said, ‘Do not come near; take your sandals off your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.’" (Exodus 3:5)

How often do we enter church and feel the urge to remove our shoes, because it is truly holy ground? Do you understand the meaning of holy ground as you enter the sanctuary? Do you itch to kick off your shoes as you stand in the chancel area? Do you feel the holiness of the ground when you approach the altar?

The English poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, said it well with these words:
"Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries."

Are you plucking blackberries...distracted & oblivious, or are you taking off your shoes?


by Geron Davis

"We are standing on holy ground.
And I know that there are angels, all around.
Let us praise Jesus now.
We are standing in His presence, on holy ground."

Holy God, You are always in our midst. Make us mindful. Help us to recognize Your Presence. Calm us from our restlessness and our constant need to do something. Teach us to take off our shoes, to stand on holy ground and to rest in You. Amen.
Jul 30 2018