I Miss Childhood Christmases


"Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down...." - Isaiah 64:1a

I miss childhood Christmases. I miss watching dad hang the lights on the house. I miss mom sitting in front of the Christmas cards, writing notes to family and friends. I miss the sound of the mixer and the sweet smell of the cookies baking in the kitchen. I miss arising on Christmas morn, bright and early, and seeing all of the presents wrapped under the tree. When I was a child, Christmas seemed so simple, so enjoyable.

Maybe the thing I miss most about my childhood Christmases was the fact that I didn't have to do much to get ready for Christmas! But things are different now. Now my husband and I are the ones climbing the ladder in order to hang the outdoor decorations. Now we are the ones writing the notes to family and friends in the Christmas cards. Now it is me who is in the kitchen baking the Christmas cookies. Maybe the joy of Christmas gets lost somewhere in all the work we have to do to get ready for it.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back and enjoy Christmas once more, the way we did when we were kids? You might think it impossible, but it isn't! I don't mean let everything go this holiday season, expecting everyone else to decorate, bake, shop and wrap for you. I mean stopping from time to time to step back and let someone else prepare Christmas for you--or should I say, let someone else prepare you for Christmas.

That's really what the first Christmas was all about. "God opened the heavens and sent His own Son down to us--a human baby lying in a manger. That baby would share our life of sorrow, pressure and toil, and lay down His life to set us free. He did all the hard work. We only need to sit back and simply receive His gifts this Christmas: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love." -- Lutheran Hour Ministries, 2010

Son of God, come to us today and help us to rest, as You prepare us for a joyful celebration of Your birth this Christmas. Amen.
Dec 30 2017