Lead Like Jesus

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"So David said to Nathan, 'I have sinned against the Lord. '" - 2 Samuel 12:13

Like Samuel before him, the prophet Nathan served as a leader to leaders. God used Nathan to correct his erring leader. Nathan could act as he did because of his keen, God-given discernment.

Discernment goes deeper than knowledge, resembling intuition. At times, discernment is a gift; at other times, it results from much experience. Discernment brings a profound perception of what is occurring, either on the outside or the inside of a person.

To improve your discernment as a leader:
-- Learn to hear God's voice - Get quiet and read Scripture. Reflect on the mind of God.
-- Build problem-solving skills - If you can see root issues of problems, you can solve those difficulties.
-- Analyze your successes - What worked? Can you identify the heart of the matter?
-- Evaluate your options - Discernment involves both your gut and your head.
-- Expand your opportunities - Get more experience to help you deepen your wisdom.
-- Explore what others think - Choose leaders you admire and study how they think.
-- Listen to your gut - Most people are afraid to listen to their God-given intuition.

Do you pray for the leaders of your church or your workplace? What might help you to pray for them more regularly? Do you pray for yourself and the leadership that you have to offer at the church? It will help you in discerning God's will and caring for the congregation in which you lead.

Lord, may those who serve as leaders be clothed in righteousness. May they honor you in everything they do, both in their official roles and in their personal lives. Where they are tempted to sin, give them strength to resist. Help them to build into their lives contexts for support and accountability that will help them when they are weak. Today, Lord, I pray specifically for those in official positions of leadership in the church. I think of leaders in my own church . . . . [Pray for your pastors, elders, staff, etc.] In praying for leaders, Lord, I am also reminded that you have called all of us into your service. Even if we do not have official responsibilities, we are all your servants, we are all called into your ministry. So, as I pray for leaders, I also pray myself. May we be clothed in the righteousness of Christ, living out our faith in the world with integrity and humility. Amen.
May 11 2019