"I take refuge in you, Lord. Please never let me be put to shame. Rescue me by your righteousness! Listen closely to me! Deliver me quickly; be a rock that protects me; be a strong fortress that saves me!" - Psalm 31:1-2

The Psalmist feels the same way about God. “Listen closely to me!” he writes. He speaks to God boldly, expressing the fears he feels about his future. “Deliver me quickly,” he goes on to write. “I need your help!”

Do you ever talk to God like this? You can. You can right now.

God loves to hear our thoughts. God loves to hear our concerns. God loves to hear what is most important to us. We can ask God to listen to us. Just start talking.

Believe in God. Trust in Jesus.
Have faith that the Spirit is with you.

God, listen to me today. I have something I need to tell you (add personal prayer here). Amen.
May 15 2017