Listening to God


“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.’ Do you hear God's voice? “ - John 10:27

What if we closed our ears to the noise around us and opened our hearts to God?"

Have you ever noticed how much noise is going on around you? In my living room I have an old grandfather clock that sounds off every 30 minutes with the sound of Big Ben. In my office there is a clock on the wall with angels painted on each hour that has the same sound, but the time is set just a little off from the grandfather clock. In my sunroom there is another wall clock with revolving crystal angels playing the same tune.

Beside the clocks sounding off, my intercom (which reaches every possible area in my house) is playing praise music, along with the CD in my bedroom, one in my office, and computer music playing another office. Add all that to the television on in the den when my husband's at home and the other one playing in another bedroom when my grandchildren are there.

What reminded me of all the noise in my house was sitting in my hotel room writing and listening to all the sounds around me. The traffic driving on the highway that runs parallel to my hotel window, the sound of doors opening and shutting, the tinkle of the breakfast trays rattling down the hall, water running in the bathroom as people shower for the day, cell phones ringing, sirens blasting, even the echo of someone's voice over the cell phone and my little friendly reminder on my computer telling me, "You've got mail."

Our minds are so covered with external noises of everyday life and internal noises of talking to ourselves and dealing with our situations, that it's often difficult to hear the voice of God speaking to us. What would happen if we stopped all the Big Bens and televisions, radios, CDs, and DVDs and closed our ears to the traffic and voices around us?

I've done that. I went to a secluded place where the only noise was the occasional sound of the wind and chirp of a bird. I got face down on the floor and offered myself to God while I talked to Him, but more importantly, where He could talk to me. It's amazing how He doesn't use a lot of words; He just speaks peace and contentment in our hearts. If He speaks words to me they are usually very simple like, "Trust Me!" "Wait on Me." "I love you with an everlasting love." "Cast your cares on Me." "I will provide for you." "I am your Shield and Buckle." "I will rejoice over you with singing." "I will take care of your children." "I will heal your heart."

If you've not been in a place of quiet and consecrated communion with the Lord where noise is not a factor, try it. You'll be amazed at what God will speak to you. He longs to communicate with you and give you peace.

I am ready to slow down and listen to You, Holy One. Quiet my mind and spirit. Lead me to You, today. Amen.
Feb 8 2019