My Soul Thirsts For God

My Soul Thirsts.jpg

"In the night I search for you; in the morning I earnestly seek you. For only when you come to judge the earth will people learn what is right." - Isaiah 26:9

"As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. I thirst for God, the living God. When can I go and stand before him?" - Psalm 42:1-2

If we are hungry enough, we will get something to eat. Your craving, our yearning will compel us to seek sustenance. And if we can't eat before we leave home, we will go through a drive-thru at a fast-food restaurant. Or we will call a place that delivers food to bring us something to eat.

If we are hungry enough, we will find nourishment for our bodies. But, I have been thinking about nourishment for our souls. If it is dry and hungry and dying, do we also seek sustenance for our soul?

I truth believe that if we are hungry for God, we will find a way into God's presence. If our soul is famished, we will find a way to connect our spirit with the Holy Spirit, to be fed, to be made whole once again.

But, we should be so hungry for the presence of God that we absolutely will not go out of our house or tackle any kind of project until we have spent some time with Him!

How about you? Are you that hungry for God? Are you feeling famished, depleted, hollow? Is it time to enter into his presence once again?

Lord God, my soul in is need of You, today! You are the wisdom I need, faithful and true. You are strength when I feel weak. You restore to me rest, peace and love. You are my refuge from life's storms, God Almighty! Thanks you for these things and so much more. Today I drink from Your holy waters, knowing that You will revitalize me! Amen.
May 31 2018