One Thing

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"But even beyond that, I consider everything a loss in comparison with the superior value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have lost everything for him, but what I lost I think of as sewer trash, so that I might gain Christ and be found in him. In Christ I have a righteousness that is not my own and that does not come from the Law but rather from the faithfulness of Christ. It is the righteousness of God that is based on faith." - Philippians 3:8-9

On a retreat, I once asked my youth group to make a list of the top 10 most valuable things in their lives. I’m sure if you did that right now, you’d probably have similar answers to theirs: family, friends, smartphone, car, Xbox, money, etc. The next step was to imagine only having 5 of those 10 things. (The agony of letting go of certain things was definitely vocalized!) Then we went down to 3 things, then two, then, you guessed it one. What is the one thing that you value most?

For Paul, the thing he valued most actually wasn’t an object; it was a relationship. Because of his faith, in Christ, Paul finds what is most important.

The pressure to have the best clothes, car, phone, grades, the most money, etc., is rampant in the teenage world, but none of those things makes God love you more than God already does. You are valuable to God, just as you are!

God of love, thank you for loving me just as I am. Help me find greater value in my faith than the things I possess. Amen.
Apr 29 2019