Praising God in the Fields


"Ezra opened the book. All the people could see him because he was standing above them; and as he opened it, the people all stood up." - Nehemiah 8:5

The early morning sun beat down on our heads as we walked a path through the Dole plantation to the small white church. There we met other members of our work team for praise and worship. Others were streaming in from neighboring homes, businesses and fields, greeting each other, "Hola," and "¿Cómo está?"

Everyone became quiet as a tall, thin man rose, his open Bible in his hand. In Spanish he said, "Let us stand for the reading of God’s Word," and we all stood. As we listened to the majestic words from the Psalms, my heart overflowed with joy.

Remembering that moment helps me recall something quite significant about the Israelites of Nehemiah’s day. You see, the only way for them to know the words of God would be to hear them read aloud.

We are truly blessed to have God’s Word in print, where we can read it anytime, anywhere. But, as I remember that worship experience in the midst of plantations in Peje, Costa Rica I wonder, is there a more inspirational way to hear God’s Word than to listen outside on a sunny morning, with warm breezes rustling the trees?

At the end of the District Superintendent’s reading, we all added heartfelt “Amens.” As we worshiped that day, it didn’t matter that I didn’t understand every word spoken in Spanish. I was gathering together with fellow Christians both from Ohio and from Costa Rica. We were there for one reason, and one reason only, to be bathed in the Word of God!

That day, and every day that we worshiped, we were strengthened and inspired to go out and live the words we had heard. My heartfelt prayer is that you seek the same, every day! Be blessed in the reading of God’s Word today, tomorrow and every day forth.

Dear Lord, I am so grateful that I have Your inspired Word to read for myself. May I relish that Word as my daily bread. Amen.
Jun 21 2018