"The Lord supports all who fall down, straightens up all who are bent low. All eyes look to you, hoping, and you give them their food right on time, opening your hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing." - Psalm 145:14-16

There are times when prayer comes more easily than others. There are times when prayer seems impossible. No matter what may be going on in our lives though, God will hear us.

With a humbled and grateful heart, we can approach God in prayer. In God’s good time, we will find ourselves with our needs met. Until then, verses like these from Psalm 145 assure us that even though the waiting may feel impossible, our God supports us, draws us up, and provides for us during difficult times.

Even when we are bent low, even when we have fallen down again and again, God does not stop offering a hand to us. God pulls us up, feeds us with that which we hunger for, and abides with us forever. Praying to God in moments of need is a gift in and of itself. God’s children have so much for which to be thankful!

Thank you for being such a gracious God. You have helped, sustained, and blessed me beyond words. Keep me humble and grateful now and always. Amen.
Aug 8 2017