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"The words of the Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem." - Ecclesiastes 1:1

Nowhere in this book did the author give his name, but the descriptions he gave of himself and his experiences would indicate that the writer was King Solomon. Solomon began his reign as a humble servant of the Lord, seeking God's wisdom and help (1 Kings 3:5-15). As he grew older, his heart turned away from God to the false gods of the many wives he had taken from foreign lands (11:1ff). These marriages were motivated primarily by politics, not love, as Solomon sought alliances with the nations around Israel.

No amount of money or authority could stop God's divine judgment. Scottish preacher Alexander Whyte once said that "the secret worm ... was gnawing all the time in the royal staff upon which Solomon leaned." The king's latter years were miserable because God removed His hand of blessing (1 Kings 11) and maintained Solomon's throne only because of His promise to his father, David (2 Sam. 7:1-17).

Ecclesiastes appears to be the kind of book a person would write near the end of life, reflecting on experiences and lessons learned. Solomon probably wrote Proverbs and the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) during the years he faithfully walked with God; and near the end of his life, he wrote Ecclesiastes. There is no record that King Solomon repented and turned to the Lord, but his message in Ecclesiastes suggests that he did.

I don't know about you, but I have done some pretty foolish things in my life out of love, family, career choices and ignorance.

What is the most foolish thing you've done out of love for someone?

If the wisest man who ever lived could not remain faithful to God, do you think it's realistic to expect that you can? Based on Solomon's experiences, what would you say might be more important than wisdom in regard to continual spiritual growth?

Today I am much wiser, and I take time to make important choices. Does this mean that I am perfect, oh heavens no! But, it does mean I am a bit wiser, not rushing into decisions and situations, but evaluating them first.

Faith in Christ Jesus gives me the foundation that I need to make these wise decisions. Do you have Christ in your life?

Father we thank you for the examples of David and Solomon. Each of them was broken and sinful, and each of them was wise and godly. But you used them in their brokenness and sinfulness, and when they repented of their evil ways, you blessed them in their godliness. Help me Lord to walk with You each and every day. Amen.
Sep 28 2018