Fall Preaching - Life Hurts, God Heals

Life Hurts God Heals.png

When God gives a gift of healing, it is always intended to glorify Jesus Christ and point us to believe in Him. None of us has authority to heal a body, only the Creator does (Acts 3:12–13). That’s why we always pray in Jesus’ name. And when God heals someone, he does it for the common good of the church and as a witness to the world. But, how much do we really know about healing?
Come and worship with us and discover what it means to invite healing into your life, family, marriage, community & church!
Nov. 18 (Thanksgiving) "Don’t Wait to Pray" -- James 4:13-15; Jer. 29:4-7, 10-14
25 (Christ the King Sunday) "The Healing Power of Prayer" – James 5:13-20