We love when people from the community and the congregation can make use of the
church, but we need to make sure that everyone communicates their needs so that we
can keep track of the use and avoid extra problems from ‘collisions’ of scheduling.
There are also certain costs associated with the upkeep of the church due to extra
traffic as well as experts who come to help facilitate the use by outside groups.

The forms here can be filled out electronically and emailed to the church ( or
they can be printed, filled out by hand and turned in to the church office.
The church office will evaluate and provide feedback on your request. Do not
presume that you have the space just because you submitted a form.

A table of suggested fees for use by outside groups is also provided.

Sug. RUMC Space Use Charge Guidlines.pdf71.8 KB
Building Use Form Member or Constituent.pdf31.87 KB
Building use form Outside groups.pdf32.36 KB