Jesus Was Angry!

Exodus 20:1-20
John 2:13-25
Psalm 19

Who in the world does this carpenter from Nazareth think he is? This isn't the "gentle Jesus meek and mild" we’re accustomed to. What is it that has created such passion in him?

"The disciples", the gospel says, "Remembered that it was written, 'Passion for God’s house will consume me.' " [Ps. 69:9] Jesus says the center of Israel's worship life, the Temple, has become a marketplace. The religious leaders have turned the church into a department store. It is as though, when no one was looking, someone robbed the reverence of the people of God and displaced the worship of God with human desire.

The scene that confronts Jesus as he goes to the Temple is representative of the whole corruption of Israel. His conflict is with a system and with religious officials who are by their actions, breaking every one of the first four commandments!

Why was Jesus so enraged? Well, let's take a look . . . .

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March 11, 2012