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"24 Hours that Changed the World" by Adam Hamilton is the focus of the sermon series and the various small group studies as we journey through Lent in 2014.

Summer 2012 series - Love is ...

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Ephiphany 2012

For nine weeks starting July 3 we focused on J.O.Y.: Jesus, Others and Yourself, in worship.

The Holy Ghost may be the most neglected doctrine in the church today. Bill Bright, American Evangelist and founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, has said that “in the course of his ministry he has surveyed thousands of Christians in churches around the world, and determined that nearly 95% of the respondents have indicated that they have little knowledge of who the Holy Ghost is, or why He exists.”
From Sept 11-Nov. 13 we will be spending some time getting to know who the Holy Ghost is and what the Holy Ghost does. Come and be blown away by the Holy Ghost!

Thanksgiving 2011

Christmas can be magical or miserable. The magic begins with the wonder a child feels the first time he catches snowflakes on his tongue or she hears the melody of the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. The memories evoked by the wafting smells of Christmas cookies and other special treats, treasured traditions like trimming a tree or singing carols together, and giving our time in service to the old, the young, the poor, and the lonely, can bring the magic to us in intense, sweet moments.

But what about the misery? The misery begins when we overdo making the magic happen for others, when we try to force the picture-perfect moments on ourselves and our loved ones, and when our focus on the true, meaningful heart of Christmas gets swallowed up by distractions and commercialization. We can’t force the magic of Christmas - usually that just happens on its own.

Simply Christmas will be a study on the true meaning of Christmas. We will shares stories, inspiration, tips, and ideas to help us stay focused on the One essential of Christmas, Jesus!

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